Aster Hospital

A multispecialty hospital that offers the highest level of medical excellence alongside impeccable standards for patient care, Aster Hospital is complemented by brilliant medical experts, medical practitioners, nurses, technologists and support staff who bring in a professionalism that has no parallel


Aster Clinics

We have spent the last 3 decades strengthening and evolving the brand, which has now become synonymous with high quality and excellent service across the communities we serve.


Aster Pharmacy

Aster Pharmacies have already dotted the healthcare landscape with over 199 pharmacies throughout the GCC, serving thousands of customers daily.


Medcare Hospital

Envisioned for those who seek fine medical care in even finer surroundings, Medcare Hospital is Dubai’s first premium private specialty hospital offering luxury medical services.


Medcare MOSH (Medcare Ortho and Spine Hospital)

The world-class team of doctors here provides specialised, protocol-based care for bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, spine, spinal cord and feet, in both adults and children.


Medcare Women and Children’s Hospital

Caring for women and children can be daunting and requires a combination of dedication, passion, innovative thinking and technology.


Medcare Medical Centre

Medcare the premium healthcare division of Aster DM Healthcare consists of 8 Multispecialty Medical Centers and 5 Specialty centers located across the Emirate of Dubai & Sharjah. Multispecialty centers consist of all specialties like Dermatology, Paediatric and Internal Medicine etc.


Access Clinic

Access Clinic aims to provide affordable and quality healthcare services to address the day to day healthcare needs of the people of UAE.

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